How to choose the type of screw connection parts?


There are many types of screw connections in precision […]

There are many types of screw connections in precision machinery and instruments. Commonly used are cylinder head anti-theft screws, spherical cylinder head screws, and countersunk screws.
Cylinder head screws are one of the most widely used screws. Enlarging the diameter of the screw head can increase the strength of the screwdriver groove, which is suitable for connections that require frequent disassembly and assembly. In addition, due to the correspondingly enlarged supporting surface, when the screws are tightened, the surfaces of the connected parts are not easily damaged. Therefore, washers are generally not required, and it is suitable for fixing parts made of softer materials such as non-ferrous metals and their alloys.
Spherical cylinder head screws are beautiful in appearance, but the strength of the screwdriver groove is weak, and it is easy to damage when the tightening torque is large. When the load is large, hexagon head and hexagon socket screws are also commonly used.
When the screws are located on the outer surface of the instrument, it is best to use countersunk or half countersunk head screws. Among them, the half countersunk head screws are more beautiful. In addition, because the countersunk head screws are in the connected parts, they will not hinder the work of other parts. Therefore, the screw connections inside the instrument often use countersunk screws. It should be noted that the countersunk head or half countersunk head screw itself has a positioning function.
Since there are many types of screw connection parts and a large size range, it can be selected according to the specific structure and size of the connected parts and design requirements.

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