What are the characteristics of large pitch self-tapping locking screws


The large-pitch self-tapping locking screw is a special […]

The large-pitch self-tapping locking screw is a special fastener formed by a triangular thread. It is specially designed to fasten plastic and soft metal products. It is called "Priston thread self-tapping locking screw" abroad. Screw. The cross-section of the screw is a unique triangular isometric curve, and its pitch and profile are similar to those of national standards (GB5280~85D self-tapping screws. This kind of screw is made of low-carbon high-quality structural steel (surface Carburized heat treatment) or made of stainless steel. Compared with common self-tapping locking screws, the superiority of this screw is that it is easy to screw in, has greater fastening strength and greater resistance to screw out, that is, it has self-locking performance .Moreover, the screw can be reused after the original hole is used six times without reducing the assembly strength.
Large-pitch self-tapping locking screws have high fastening strength. Since its triangular shape is formed by the reduction of the entire radial direction on the thread section, the smallest screwing force is obtained. After the screw is screwed into the base, the gap is filled again by rebounding the base material, so it has good self-locking performance. Therefore, this screw has better working performance and obvious effect of saving man-hours and resources than ordinary self-tapping screws.zinsn.com