Knowledge of high-strength fasteners


High-strength fasteners are fastener products with mech […]

High-strength fasteners are fastener products with mechanical properties of 8.8 (bolts, studs, inner triangular screws), 8 (nuts), and 33H (set screws). The specific mechanical performance levels are bolt feces 8.8, l0.9, l2} nuts 8, 10, 12, and set screws 33H and 45H.
The high-strength bolts are made of alloy steel and undergo a special process and heat treatment. They have high tensile strength, yield strength and good toughness. Under the same technical conditions, ordinary bolts require dozens of times more bolt groups than high-strength bolts. High-strength bolts can be divided into: ordinary high-strength bolts, raised anti-loosing high-strength bolts, drive-in high-strength bolts, pliers high-strength bolts, torsion shear-type high-strength bolts, and high-strength anti-loosing backlock bolts, etc. 

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