What is the difference between screw and threaded connection?


Screw (including bolt) connection and threaded connecti […]

Screw (including bolt) connection and threaded connection are the most widely used detachable connections in precision machinery and instruments. The basic elements of combination screws and threaded connections are threads. The difference is that the screw connection uses connecting parts (screws, bolts, nuts, washers, etc.) to connect the connected parts together, while the threaded connection uses the threads of the connected parts to directly connect.
Bolt connection is used when the connected parts are not too thick. Pass the bolt through the through holes of two or more connected parts, and then tighten the nuts to form the connection. The screw connection is used when one of the connected parts is thick, or when it is inconvenient to install the nut due to structural reasons, a screw hole is directly made on the connected part, and the screw is screwed in to form a connection. If the material strength of the connected parts with screw holes is low (such as cast iron or light alloy, etc.), in order to avoid frequent disassembly and damage the screw holes, stud bolts can be used for connection.

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